Want to get a better idea about what Sundays at Refuge are like? You’re in the right place.
Sundays are for everyone, the seasoned believer, the newcomer and those exploring faith for the first time.
Service time is at 10:00 AM at 4865 Roosevelt Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210.


We gather Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM to learn and grow in our faith.  Our mission is to serve both the parents and the child by providing a safe place where we incorporate age-appropriate activities which help the child explore the Bible, build relationships, and most importantly, develop a strong faith foundation in Jesus.  

We believe the Bible is true and is a gift from God.  We strive each week to teach the gospel through Bible stories and activities. We are excited to be part of your child’s spiritual journey!  We look forward to seeing you in Refuge Kids.


We Gather together to pray, seek the Lord, and build community. These groups are meant to build a culture of prayer and community within our church body. Prayer Groups will be structured out of The Prayer of Faith in James 5. In this chapter, James encourages believers with 5 specific points when praying together. 1. Praising God 2. Confession of Needs 3. Confession of Sin 4. Praying for the Impossible 5. Praying for salvation for the Lost. These five points will be the basis of all Prayer Groups.


Seek Refuge is the Foster-Adoptive ministry of Refuge Church. Seek Refuge provides gospel-centered compassionate and supportive care to children and families from foster and adoptive homes. We strive to provide resources, guidance, and support to foster and adoptive families so they can provide the best possible care for all children in their care. We also provide education and training to help navigate the complex foster care system. Our ministry advocates for the rights of foster/adoptive children and families and ensures that their voices are heard in our community. Our vision and passion for foster and adoptive families comes from our own adoption as sons and daughters of the King.

Adoption is at the heart of Refuge Church, and the mission of the Gospel, in Romans 8:15, Paul says “We have received The Spirit of Adoption, which allows us to both be adopted and adopt others as well.

Right Now Refuge Church has a monthly Seek Refuge Meeting for Foster Families. 


We have the 3rd largest military base in the country, in Jacksonville! And the Lord has positioned Refuge Church just a couple miles North of NAS JAX and so many of the families. As a Church, we say and believe we are SENT with the Gospel to take the Gospel where it is not! We also believe SENT means we have already been placed (home, work, geography) specifically to bring the Gospel where we are. With that in mind, I believe the appropriate word is callings to minister, share the Gospel, and encourage military families in JAX! We are kicking off this ministry with GEAR PACKS!

If you missed the announcement, the idea is that for less than or around $20, we can give/send/mail/ship a Bible, Journal, and an encouraging Gospel book, along with a handwritten to an individual in the military for encouragement. An opportunity to truly serve those who serve! Listen, that “gear pack,” will be for many the very thing that keeps them in the faith, that may keep them faithful in the marriage, or may lead someone to place faith in Christ!! So Church lets get behind this! Let’s give, let’s pray, and let’s make this happen.

This Sunday we will be setting up an area at Church to write hand-written encouraging notes to anonymous military included in Gear Packs. So here is what you can do..
  1. Give, SPECIFICALLY to this mission! Write a check, or place it in a Refuge Envelope and make it “GEAR PACKS.” If you don’t designate it to Gear Packs, it will not be counted towards it. In a month or 2, there will be an option to do this online, but we are not ready to do that yet, so for now, in the joy boxes, or drop it by the Church Office/place it in the Church mailbox.
  2. If you know someone you would like to get a Gear Pack too, we will have more information on how to do that in a week or 2. That is proving more challenging than we first thought. But stay tuned for an announcement in that.
  3. Pray. Let’s bathe and begin this ministry in prayer! What an opportunity to come alongside our military and encourage them in the Gospel in this way!

If you have any questions:


Sunday Morning @ 9:15 AM
Before our 10 AM gathering at Refuge our students meet for prayer in the Ministry Center.

Sunday Afternoons @ 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Every Sunday afternoon we welcome all of our students in grades 6th-12th for our unique student-only gathering. We meet in the main parking lot to begin connecting, playing games, and building community. We spend the last portion inside studying the scripture with a discussion-based lesson.

Pleas Contact our Student Ministry Director, Zach Branning for more information:


Refuge Worship’s mission is to lead the church to worship and lift the name of Jesus. We preach the gospel and make disciples of Christ. We long to worship Jesus and take others with us. We value Excellence, Unity, Discipleship, Authenticity, and Humility. We seek to create and foster an environment where our congregation can set their minds, attention, and hearts affection on God.

Our ministry is also a place for members to use their gifts and strength to lead in worship. We recognize that worship is the response of God’s people to the revelation of his grace and glory. As such, we desire to create an environment where we can seek and experience the presence of God together in purposeful and Christ-centered worship.